Children Waiting for Families!

Children Waiting for Families!.

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Children Waiting for Families!

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Breakfast With Santa

When my kids were younger, I struggled to find age appropriate ways for them to learn more about the giving aspect of Santa.  This year is the first annual Children’s House International Breakfast with Santa!  Not only will this be a traditional time for your children to meet Santa and tell him their Christmas wishes, they will also have the opportunity to make an ornament that will be sent to Ethiopia to decorate a Christmas tree at the Thomas House, a transitional care center for orphaned children.

All proceeds will go towards CHI’s efforts in helping bring
children home to their forever families.

And you will get to see me dressed as an elf….


December 13th, 2014

Christ the King Ferndale

5627 3rd Ave

Ferndale, WA 98248


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Best. Product. Ever.

photo-300x224To really know me is to know that I have an obsession with skincare.  To know me is to know that while I may live in the #1 spot in the US for rainy days, I wear sunscreen every day.

The biggest issues I have had with sunscreens (of all ranges, prices, and types!) is that they often contain loads of unnatural chemicals that make me wonder if I am actually adding toxins to my system instead of protecting myself from skin cancer and sun damage.

Protecting my skin has been a battle between using a lotion or balm and causing breakouts, redness and irritation.  Which is why I have to give a huge endorsement to the Bee Queen’s all natural sun reflective cream.

Not only does my face look fabulous due to the natural humectant factor of the natural honey, there are no artificial ingredients.  So how effective is it as a sun protection?  Well at a recent all day cross country meet on the sunnyside of our state, it kept not only me sunburn free but also my husband, who is a freckled redhead!  He forgot his sunscreen and I begrudgingly allowed him a sparing amount of my precious sun reflective cream.  He was impressed and I was frankly amazed!


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Scratch and Dent



When we were planning a family there were many considerations that went into deciding if we would try to have biological children.  Many children in my extended family have been born with birth defects and as an “older mom” I wanted to be well informed about what the potential was for our child to be born with one.   I was hoping, like most parents, that we would have a healthy child.  But here is where we may have been a bit different from most families.  I wanted to arm myself with the knowledge of what possibilities lay ahead.

I am a huge fan of thrift shopping or shopping the “as is” or “scratch and dent” section of a store.  To be able to have an item that is a “treasure” and unique despite or maybe even because of the damage it has sustained gives me great joy.

Fast forward to my current job at an adoption agency placing children with health issues or special needs.  Most countries are not placing healthy children internationally.  Families come to international adoption for a variety of reasons.  Many families have the dream of building their families with a “perfect baby”.  This no longer exists in the international arena.  Some become educated and embrace a child with a health need and form families, some begrudgingly look for a child whose “scratch and dent” doesn’t show on the surface, some let go of their dream of a family.

While I would wish no child placement into a family ill prepared to meet their needs, I feel sad when I think of all children we advocate for who are unique and should be treasured in the loving arms of a family.  It makes me sad when children are discounted as unworthy because of a physical issue that needs a surgery, a health issue that needs monitoring or a genetic anomaly which makes a child a bit different.  Diversity is what makes our world special.

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Why do children need families?  How can a child overcome years of neglect and inadequate medical care?  Will they ever be “normal”?  It can take 3 to 8 YEARS to see how much recovery a child can make from the effects of institutionalization.  Every child has the right to be physically and emotionally safe.  My firm belief is that this can only be achieved with a FAMILY.  Helen Keller said “the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming.”  Adoption is the process of making a miracle happen for a child.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..  Something to think about.  I know how heavy the burden can be.

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