The Beginning of the Story

Every good story starts at the beginning.  In 2010 I came to work at Children’s House International as a Case Manager for their Eastern European programs.  I was handed a file with four children’s photos and medicals for our newly reopened Bulgaria program.  In this file there was a photo of a startled little boy.  His medical information showed that he had been born with renal insufficiency.  He had suffered multiple infections, undergone multiple surgeries.  He was 4 years old and very delayed in his development.  His file number was 58.   This number meant he was the 58th child listed for international placement on the waiting child list in Bulgaria.

All I could think was “NOBODY will adopt this child”…..”He will die alone and unloved in an orphanage”….”He does not have much time”….

So I advocated for a family to adopt him…and he waited…and I advocated…and he waited… His sad photo sat above my desk as other children were listed and found families…child 1108, Child 1233….Child 1900…..until over two years later when the Thomas family stepped forward and said “we saw a little boy with kidney failure” we think he might be the one….(to be continued)


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