Over 100 Lives


I started this collage at the beginning of 2013 with the goal of filling the entire canvas with photos of children who are referred to our families.  Crafty huh?  I am happy to say that I Modge Podged photos onto the last few blank spaces today.  My hope was to fill the canvas by the end of the year and to have a tangible inspiration on those days that my job is tough.  

I wanted a canvas large enough to see above the stacks of paperwork that litters my desk 🙂  

The resulting piece of artwork contains the faces of over 100 children.  Children who are all PERFECT.  Children who may have been born differently, or in difficult circumstances but who are PERFECT little beings none the less.  Children who will know the love of a family.  Children who will have proper nutrition.  Children who will have their medical conditions treated.  Children who will be educated. 

Looking at the Canvas is bittersweet.  Two of the photos are of children who did not make it home.  


The tiny boy with down syndrome who was transferred to the mental institution at age 3 who died of starvation before his family could complete the paperwork to bring him home.  


And the beautiful girl who survived 7 years without lifesaving surgery to close her open and leaking spinal chord only to die after her family was found.  

So while this Canvas reminds me of what I have achieved it also reminds me of what the penalty is for putting rhetoric and process above human life.  It reminds me that no matter how tired I am, talking to just one more person about “my” waiting kids is a privileged and not a chore.  It reminds me that these kids might not have one more month, one more day or one more hour.  So if you have thought about adopting or donating to someone’s adoption or saying a kind word to a family who is adopting take that time to do so now.

I look at this Canvas and I want to hug my children closer and appreciate that I have lived a privileged and charmed life.   I look at this Canvas and I want to smile, cry and rage.  I look at this Canvas and I want others to see it too and see what can BE

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  1. Jessica Harris says:

    Love, love, love!!

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