Another Step!


Going through the testing process to donate my kidney to Gavin has been nothing short of maddening for me.  I am by nature a control freak.  I am also just a little bit type A…OK, maybe I am more like A +!  When we started the process of testing it was August.  It is now mid November…we are still working thorough the long list of tests.  I asked my donor advocate why it was taking so long and his response was that it is just scheduling issues…his only comfort for me was that if things get really URGENT with Gavin they can qualify me in just a few days…so what is up with this process just DRAGGING along!

We have finally managed to get my last round of tests scheduled for December 10!  Virginia Mason, a wonderful hospital in Seattle will be coordinating the last round of tests.  These tests will include:

  • CT scan of my Kidneys
  • Chest x-ray
  • EKG and Echo cardiagram to be certain my heart is healthy
  • pregnancy test (purely precautionary!)
  • rheumatology evaluation
  • more bloodwork…um….not sure why???  I have stopped asking at this point!

The results should be back on these within a couple days and then I will travel to San Diego to visit the team that will be doing the transplant.  In San Diego they will do a physical and have me talk to a social worker for a psych eval.  We are hoping to have the trip before the Christmas holidays.  In the meanwhile Gavin will be taking his Make a Wish trip to Disney world and getting set up for his remaining kidney to be removed.  Once the team gives the final OK for me to donate, the plan is to remove Gavin’s kidney about 4-6 weeks prior to transplant.  Gavin will be put on dialysis 3 days per week.  The facility that does the dialysis is about one hour from The Thomas’ home.  Dialysis takes 5 hours… Please keep Gavin and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this time.  I can’t imagine how Gavin will feel during this time or how the doctors and the Thomas’ will be able to make him understand what is happening.  I am uncomfortable sharing publicly all of Gavin’s side of this saga.  His story is his own and it is up to his parents on how much they wish to share.  They have a wonderful blog that is updated regularly so head over with a cup of tea and have a good read! Remember that the Thomas family is fundraising for their expenses not covered by insurance and to help me with my travel expenses for the donation procedure.  If you prefer to give a donation to me directly for my expenses I have also set up a donation page  If for some reason I do not get the final go ahead to donate my kidney all funds raised via my page will go to the Thomas family so they can continue the search for another donor.  The Thomas family is also doing a shoe drive through Angel Bins.  You can either ship shoes (intact soles, no holes, any type!) to the family or dropped off at their home if you are a Southern California family!

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