One Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Sometimes the solutions to a problem can be simple.  

Time and time again over the past three years I have seen the huge difference loving care can be to the life of a child living in an orphanage.  Children literally wasting away from lack of human contact……



Can actually make huge gains in health and development….


In countries where money is short and orphanage workers have too many children to just feed and keep clean there is a desperate need for programs like the TBACT (The Bulgarian Abandoned Children’s Trust) Granny Programme.   All children need love, attention and a consistent, loving caregiver to form an attachment to.  Children growing up without families often lack this attachment and will struggle their entire lives to form relationships.  It has also been shown that deprivation of loving, human touch can cause chronic failure to thrive.

TBACT hires “retired women to become  loving grannies to children growing up in institutional care.  The children have someone special in their lives, giving them one to one attention and helping them to feel the bond of a close relationship. Grannies love, nurture and encourage their children to learn and develop and they are a much needed source of fun too!” 

For about $20 you can give the gift of a 20 hours of a caregivers one on one attention to a child in need.  For $20 you can impact a child’s future.  Programs like the TBACT program are vital to the survival and future of these children.  Please consider donating!

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