Starting to Get Real

I always dreamed of being able to spend winters in a warmer, sunnier place.   After all, Bellingham, Washington is the number one city with the least sunshine…largely because it is dark, cloudy and dreary all winter (read October to June).




Western Washington is a magically beautiful place.  It is also the birthplace of Starbucks and this is for good reason.  This time of year the “sun” rises at about 8:00 am and sets around 3:30 pm.  On a sunny day we have the glorious view of Mt. Baker, our neighboring volcano.

mtbakerOn the more common grey days it is hard to see past the nearest line of trees.

So hearing today that I am to schedule my flight for San Diego should have me doing nothing but a dance of pure happiness!  Weather in the 70’s and sunshine!




I finally got the schedule for my final tests and meeting the surgical team in San Diego today for my kidney donation.  It seems a little surreal and a little scary and a lot exciting all at once.

I will be flying out in two weeks!  Right before Christmas week we should be getting the dates ironed out for surgery.  This process has taken so long that it seemed like it would never really happen.  Now it is beginning to seem real.

I still have no doubt that I want to go forward with the donation.  I still have no worry about my long term health or the outcome of the surgery, I trust the doctors and the testing process to have the least risk possible.

I trust my husband to care for my children and dogs while I am recovering.  I trust the people who will care for my horse while I am not well enough to ride.  I trust my coworkers to handle my case load of clients while I can’t work.

With a lot of unflattering soul searching I think my biggest worry is that I WON’T be missed at all!  



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4 Responses to Starting to Get Real

  1. Julie says:

    Trust me, you will be missed terribly, but we are all so excited for Gavin’s chance at life, that we’ll get through it! We all love you, Nina, and are so amazed and blessed that you are one of us. I can’t think of anyone else I’d want on my team when going through an adoption. You are a true blessing to all of us, and especially one very special little boy!

  2. I’ve followed along and read a good amount of your posts, Nina. With that being said, I wanted to reach out and tell you what an admirable choice you have made in regards to donating a kidney to Gavin.
    I know that you are already confident in the choice that you’ve made, and have your mind set… but I’m sure once you actually get a chance to meet Gavin, you’ll feel even better about the choices you’ve made and the road ahead of you.
    I saw Gavin just the other day on Thanksgiving at my father’s house, as I am Lindsay’s step brother. Gavin is definitely one incredible kid… Despite his current situation, he is constantly glowing… such a happy child.
    I want to commend you for the difficult choice you have made, and wish you nothing but the best pertaining to this righteous endeavor ahead of you.

    You are an amazing person.

  3. Jen Gammons-Mujica says:

    You will be missed I know…and we are all praying for a smooth procedure. I had to put my life in the hands of a Neurosurgery l team last year and all went well. Those surgeons are amazing! I’m so glad you are letting us follow your journey with a Blog. So fun to read! Love and prayers to you and the family.

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