Nobody Has to Die to Save This Child’s Life



The phrase keeps running through my mind.   “Nobody has to die to save Gavin’s life”.  Working in the international adoption world we see children every month that will die without getting some type of medical care or transplant.  

Last month a little boy we called “Prince Georgie” died in Asia while we desperately scrambled to find a family for him.  Georgie needed heart surgery.  We all grieve when one of “our kids” passes all too soon.  Knowing a child could have a chance at life if we could get them home and with a family is a heavy burden to bare.  


He might have needed a heart transplant like baby Rini who came from China this year and just received a new heart.  Reading Rini’s story brings so many emotions.  It brings joy that Rini has been given the huge blessing of a new heart.  It also brings up deep sadness that another family has had to experience the loss of a child for Rini to receive her new heart.  

About the time that Rini received her new heart a dear coworker’s nephew passed away.  His heart did not go to Rini, but his family made the decision to donate his organs for transplant.  I can’t even express the glory of this act to affirm life a midst their heartbreak.  

Rini’s family have asked that friends and family consider becoming a donor.  I would ask for everyone to consider going one step further.  Consider becoming a living donor.  Living donors can donate a kidney, a portion of their liver, bone marrow, blood or plasma. I take huge comfort knowing that nobody needs to die to save another person from a life threatening disorder.  

If donating is not for you and you have the ability to open your home to a child in need of critical medical care through adoption, consider it.  Children who could live full and vital lives are DYING for lack of a family and adequate medical care worldwide.  Consider how you can help…then act!

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