Unspeakable Truths

cain lakeThere are many unspeakable things I learn about as part of my job.  I mean, literally I can’t talk about them.  We learn many confidential things about families and the children we place in these families and as a professional duty I can’t disclose many of the more difficult things that I learn.  I must also are careful not to point fingers or blame those who provide less or do less than I think is optimal.

Sometimes I feel myself choking on my inability to express some of these things.  The injustices adults do to children is unspeakable.

It is not just “foreigners” who do these things.  US history is plagued with the devaluing of our own children.  It is not my opinion, it is legal fact. Case law provides a sordid tale showing that criminals who prey on children receive lighter sentences than criminals that prey on adults.  It is intuitively backwards to me.  Why do we not protect our young?

Media likes to sensationalize that international adoption is fraught with child trafficking and child buying.  Nowhere in the difficult information I hold silently have I ever encountered a child who has been stolen or coerced from his or her birth parents.  Nowhere in this information have I ever seen a child who’s life would not be improved by being raised by a family abroad instead of in an institution in their home country.

Some day I hope to be able to speak some of the tales that haunt me.  Until then I will guard my words and fight silently for justice for the children we represent.


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