Plans without Back Up


This week has been a flurry of buying plane tickets, booking hotel rooms and renting a car for my week long stay for the  pre op tests for my kidney donation.  I am excited to be going to California and excited to be a step closer to the donation.  So many thoughts are whirling through my head and I have so many emotions that are coming close to the surface.  I am impatient in general and the things that I can usually deal with calmly are getting hard to deal with right now.  I guess I would say I am feeling emotionally fragile.  

I have thought all along that the hardest thing for me would be if Gavin rejected my kidney.  It is one thing to donate your kidney to someone and then have the joy of seeing them live a healthier life, but what if Gavin’s body rejects my kidney   How would I feel having sacrificed one of my organs for nothing…

and then it dawned on me….

what will GAVIN’S life look like if he rejects my kidney.  

Some time before our surgeries Gavin will have his sole remaining kidney removed and be placed on dialysis.  If Gavin’s body rejects my kidney there is no current back up plan for Gavin.…he would then be on dialysis until another donor could be found.  

I can’t imagine how devastating that would be for Gavin.  I can’t imagine how devastating that would be for Gavin’s family.  



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