Chance Encounters


Throughout the process of being tested for being a kidney donor for Gavin people have expressed that they think it is fated that I will be a match for Gavin. I am not certain I have ever really felt there was any divine power driving this process.  I just felt a desire to help and was lucky to be healthy and a universal donor blood type until today.

Today started early with a cold drive to Seattle. I hate big cities. I hate traffic and so I was already grumbling when I set out. My dear husband who commutes to Seattle once a week for work thought I wasn’t allowing enough time to get to my appointments on time, but I was hopeful I could make the drive in the two hours I had allowed. Traffic was flowing smoothly and the roads weren’t icy but I didn’t dare stop for breakfast on the way just in case! The last four miles to the hospital ended up taking 20 minutes. Seattle traffic during rush hour can be BRUTAL.

I had never been to Virginia Mason Hospital and was not sure what to expect. The hospital had agreed to do most of my health checks and kidney testing to save me one extra trip to California.

When I arrived to check in at the intake desk I waited in line for about 2 minutes. There were two long rows of intake desks and the next available person waved me over. I sat down and he took my ID and checked me in to the hospital system. He commented that he noticed I was here for screening for kidney donation and commended me on being so generous. He also shared he had surgery to remove one of his kidneys 5 years ago and so he knew first hand what I would be going through.  We sat and chatted for a while and I left the admitting to go to my first appointment wondering what were the chances that I would meet someone else who had been through the same surgery today when I was hurried and stressed. This kind man took the time to ask me about Gavin and said he felt this was all part of Gods plan that I would be a match and all would go well.

My first appointment of the day was another surprise. The doctor came in and shook my hand and again I was asked about my connection to Gavin. When I told the doctor Gavin was Bulgarian he chucked and said “my family is from Bulgaria”. Again, what were the chances of finding another common link to our story.  The doctor took time to recognize me as a person and not just a patient as he went through my health history to clear me for surgery.

My next appointments for EKG and echocardiogram went well. My heart is apparently boring and normal which can only be a good thing!

After lunch I headed to radiology. First stop was a chest X-ray. Virginia Mason is a teaching hospital so a student was being advised on taking the X-rays by an experienced technician. They again took time to ask me my story and the radiology technician shared with me that his wife donated one of her kidneys to her father six years ago. Since donating they have adopted a child and also had a biological child. He assured me that his wife had no regrets in her decision to donate her kidney.

These three chance encounters today left me feeling a sense of peace and comfort and HOPE that the surgery will go forward without any issues.

A day that started with annoyance and hassle that could have just left me feeling like a lab rat has left me with such comfort.

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