Sisters of the Heart

I have two biological sisters, but I have many sisters of the heart.  Sisters of the heart are girls or women that I love as much as a sister.  They may not be related by blood but they share a common bond of some sort that runs deep.  This week I learned about two 10 year old girls who live in an orphanage together.  They have lived together most of their lives and are as close as sisters.  Their common bond is they are heartrendingly bright.  I say heartrendingly because these sweet girls KNOW what they are missing.  They are foremost missing a family.  They are also missing some physical abilities.  They both use a wheelchair for mobility.  They both were born with disabilities.  Not the same disability, but the same result.  The result is that in their country their parents could not raise them.  The result that none of the people looking to adopt would take them.  These perfectly brilliant girls are seen as defective, unwanted, unworthy.  They both have achingly sad smiles.  Because, they are bright…and they KNOW…and they yearn….and they hope….beyond all odds that there is a family somewhere that could love them both…so they could be SISTERS in fact and not merely sisters of the heart.  For more information about these girls please email me at

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