Another Drop in the Bucket


Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard you try it is not possible to ever really make a dent in the problems facing this world.  I know that by giving Gavin my kidney there is one less person waiting for a kidney.  I know by helping a family bring a child home from an orphanage there is one less orphan.  

It can seem overwhelming and like it is only a “drop in the bucket” of injustice and suffering in this world.  And then you see hope with another drop joining your drops and you realize the bucket could be full or even overflowing with a few more drops!  

This weekend my sister shared with me that a good friend of hers saw the HBO movie on the organ trade, then by chance met someone waiting on dialysis for a kidney, then read my blog and decided to take steps to become an organ donor herself.  I am overwhelmed that I could play a part in her making this decision.  I feel the same way every time I find a home for a child.  

Today I pack my bags and head to California to meet the surgical team that will be doing my transplant.  This process of qualifying to be a donor has been long and stressful at times but so very worth it.  I know I have more waiting in store as they determine the very best time for the surgery for Gavin’s health.  In my selfish heart I pray it is soon because I want the waiting to be over.  I hope to come to peace with the waiting and maybe that will be the biggest lesson I learn from all this.  That it is OK to give up control.  Thank you to all of you who have supported me on this journey so far!

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