Day two of this trip started off with a good nights sleep. My first appointment of the day was with the nephrologist to clear me for surgery. She was also to determine if they would need to do a biopsy of my kidney prior to giving clearance.

The doctor was a delightful woman who took time to go thoroughly over my labs from the beginning of the process to now. I am pretty much a completely healthy person with what looks to be two great kidneys. They will transplant my left kidney when the time comes. She ordered a few more labs that we will need to be good in order to get the go ahead for the surgery. She also thought there was no reason to worry about doing a biopsy as she thought things looked good and it could potentially damage the kidney.

This appointment ran a little late and we rushed across town to my second appointment of the day with the living donor advocate.

The living donor advocates job is to make sure that the transplant is done ethically and that I am making an informed decision that I will not regret.

We went over potential side effects and the risks again. We talked about post donation depression (which seems so much like the post adoption depression many of my clients experience!)

The meeting ran late but we snuck in a quick walk on the beach before meeting Gavin’s family for dinner.


The beach at sunset was peaceful and amazing. It is so hard to believe it is only days from Christmas.

Dinner with the Thomas family was wonderful. I meet so few of my adoptive families in person and it is always a little surreal. Gavin is only the fourth adopted child from Bulgaria I have met out of the many I have helped find homes.


I felt like I was catching up with old friends and I think we could have talked for hours. Gavin taught me a few more signs at dinner too!

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