Day 3

Today began with an email informing me of some very good news for one of my adopting families. News that had taken 18 months to get. News we thought would never come.


when I scheduled this trip to California they asked me to stay four full days so they would have time to run any extra tests the doctors wanted while I was here.

Today was the first “extra” day.

I waited a few hours this morning to hear if any tests were ordered for today.

With no word on tests I had an opportunity to take a few hours to go visit a good friend who happens to live in San Diego and train horses. We had a great visit and it was good to see the barn she trains at and her beautiful horses.

Gavin’s mom texted me mid morning to say they hoped to schedule Gavin’s kidney removal surgery today as soon as my doctors gave the final approval for transplant.

Waiting to hear if I am cleared for surgery is the same feeling I have standing on a diving board. I am excited, scared and ready to take the leap.

Not getting the final clearance today or clear communication on when that would happen is like having the lifeguard blow the whistle and tell me to go back down the ladder instead of jumping.



Hopefully tomorrow, my last day here, will bring the news we are all waiting to hear.

Today was also my last visit with Gavin’s family until I come back for the transplant surgery. We had a long and lovely visit along with another local adoptive family. It was hard to leave them knowing they face Gavin’s removal surgery and dialysis before I see them again.


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