Biopsy Scheduled

diegoI am incredibly grateful that my kidney biopsy was quickly scheduled for this Thursday!  I will be heading back down to Seattle for the procedure and will likely be kept most of the day.  The biggest risk is internal  bleeding, so they like to keep you laying on your back for up to 12 hours after the procedure to monitor you for this!

While I am NOT looking forward to the procedure, which sounds kind of scary and gross, I am trying to remind myself that I have been through injections into my SI joint, spine and tailbone that were all done without sedation and I did just fine.

My good friend who will be travelling with me for the donation procedure will be accompanying me and I know she will remember to ask any questions I might forget.

The biggest bummer about the biopsy is that I need to refrain from any “bouncing” for up to two weeks.  While I like to think that I do NOT bounce when I ride my horse I am realistic enough to know that I might be bouncing {ahem} just a tiny bit and will need to have a trainer ride him.

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