Oh Baby Girls

One of the countries that I work in is not in Eastern Europe.

It is the most joyful and maddening country to work in.  The orphanages genuinely love the children but they are often very poor.  They do their best for the children which is so heartening but the process, bureaucracy and overwhelming lack of a single type “A” person in the entire country is hard for me to deal with.

In this country I can only “match” our waiting children for a two month time frame and then the children are no longer available to our agency for a period of time and other agencies are given the chance to place them.

I am on my second attempt now to match identical twin girls with a family.  These girls are now two years old.  They have been raised with love and compassion.  They are developmentally normal.

They are both blind.

They are beautiful.  They have such a bright future.  They should have the benefit of a family and yet I simply can’t find them one.

uploadable2 uploadableTheir country has many rules and regulations on the family who can be approved to adopt them.  The mother and father’s ages must add up to less than 90, they would like a family with no other young children and maybe only 2 other kids in the home.

I also really need a family who either has a home study or can complete one within the next month.  Please share the word about these beautiful girls.  Please email me at ninat@chiadopt.org if you would like more information.

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4 Responses to Oh Baby Girls

  1. Lauren says:

    What sort of cost involved and would a single parent be considered?

  2. dana Roberts says:

    What country are these girls from? how long do you have till they are sent back and what agency do you work for?

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