Best. Product. Ever.

photo-300x224To really know me is to know that I have an obsession with skincare.  To know me is to know that while I may live in the #1 spot in the US for rainy days, I wear sunscreen every day.

The biggest issues I have had with sunscreens (of all ranges, prices, and types!) is that they often contain loads of unnatural chemicals that make me wonder if I am actually adding toxins to my system instead of protecting myself from skin cancer and sun damage.

Protecting my skin has been a battle between using a lotion or balm and causing breakouts, redness and irritation.  Which is why I have to give a huge endorsement to the Bee Queen’s all natural sun reflective cream.

Not only does my face look fabulous due to the natural humectant factor of the natural honey, there are no artificial ingredients.  So how effective is it as a sun protection?  Well at a recent all day cross country meet on the sunnyside of our state, it kept not only me sunburn free but also my husband, who is a freckled redhead!  He forgot his sunscreen and I begrudgingly allowed him a sparing amount of my precious sun reflective cream.  He was impressed and I was frankly amazed!


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One Response to Best. Product. Ever.

  1. Thanks for the great endorsement on the Sun Cream and knowing Terry’s skin, I am really impressed.

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